Three-coloured chicche

You want to put some colours on your plate?
No problem, with “chicche” in three colours from KOCH you will have a beautiful, colourful plate on your table.

gnocchi tricolore


The three-coloured freshly frozen “chicche” are created by mixing three different flavours of small gnocchi. You can find them already mixed in the red packaging: spinach, tomato and the traditional potato gnocchi. Due to the different flavours they have three different shades: green, red and white/yellow. As with the classic “chicche”, you can conjure up a delicious dish in 2 minutes.

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Place the still frozen, three-coloured “chicche” in boiling salted water and cooked slowly until they float to the surface. This can take about 2 minutes. Drain and serve with sauces or butter and Parmesan.

salsa al prosciutto panna e piselli

Team Koch recommends:

We recommend to serve the freshly cooked three-coloured chicche with a not too colourful and taste intensive sauce. So that the plate retains its colour and flavor of the chicche.
Tip: Have you tried the ham and peas sauce of the Koch range?


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