Sweet potato gnocchi

The new trend of sweet potatoes has also arrived to the Koch Company. Koch is producing a completely new freshly frozen sweet potato gnocchi.

gnocchi alle patate dolci


Gnocchi exists in so many different flavours. So why not to try a different kind of potato? After a few tests, the gnocchi made of sweet potatoes were born. The shape of the original potato gnocchi retained only the taste is sweeter and the color is orange.

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Like the classic potato gnocchi, place the still frozen sweet potato gnocchi in a boiling salted water and cook them slowly. As soon as the product floats to the surface, strain and serve with sauces or butter and parmesan.

Team Koch recommends:

Since the product has a sweetish note, we recommend to remain neutral in taste when you choose the sauce.
Special tip: The gnocchi with butter and feta cheese taste very good.

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