Spinach spätzle



Spinach spätzle has always been offered by Koch and was one of the first products produced and sold by Koch.
Spätzle are long pasta products that can be served as a side dish or with other ingredients as a main course. Their dough consists mainly of a fresh egg, water, salt and flour. Spinach is added to the spinach variant. The spätzle have an irregular shape with a rough surface. At Koch they are pre-cooked and then immediately frozen in the freshly cooked state.
The freshly frozen Spätzle by Koch are offered in different packaging sizes.
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For more detailed information, please contact us directly


Put the frozen spätzle in a boiling salted water and cook until the product floats upwards (about 3 minutes), strain and serve with a sauce of your choice.


Team Koch recommends:

Serve the spätzle together with a cream sauce with ham and pea. Also ideal as a side dish. Enjoy your meal!

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