Fresh frozen pizza dough

bocce per pizza ai 7 cereali


Celts and the Egyptians already cultivated the cereal spelt. It is a cereal younger than wheat. Spelt was cultivated mainly in the Alpine region once it came to Europe.
This kind of cereal is often used for noodles and bread. Koch produces freshly frozen spelt pizza balls out of the old grain. You can process the dough balls not only into pizza, but also into bread or other baked goods.
Koch produces the pizza balls in different weight sizes.

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Defrost the fresh frozen pizza dough ball. Roll it out on a floured table. Prepare the topping as desired. Bake at 220 – 250°C for approx. 10 minutes (middle rack).

Bocce Farro

Team Koch recommends:

You can use the dough also to prepare a delicious bread.

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