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Dough of elongated shape and round cross-section.



Spaghetti finds its origin in the south of Italy. The name spaghetti derived from the Italian word “spago”. It means string. The spaghetti resembles a string.

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The pasta is already pre-cooked.
Pot: Boil in salted water for about one minute.
Microwave: covered with a sauce of your choice, heat for 3-4 minutes at 750W in a closed container.

salsa al pomodoro Koch

Team Koch recommends:

Pre-cooked spaghetti can be served with various types of tomato-based sauces, vegetables and herbs. It is also popular with quick sauces such as garlic, oil and chili spices. In Italy this dish is called Aglio e Olio. Pre-cooked spaghetti are also ideal with fish sauces such as spaghetti “allo scoglio”.

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