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Italian traditional dish with origin in Liguria.


The product

In the traditional Italian cuisine as well as in the KOCH range, you can find freshly frozen ravioli with different fillings. Classically the pasta specialty is filled with meat or cheese and spinach.

The company Koch offers the possibility to adjust the filling of the pasta pockets according to the customer’s wishes. Not only the filling but also the dough can be produced in many different variations: with egg, without egg, green, red and many more.

We also offer the product pre-cooked, in order to reduce the cooking time.

For more detailed information, please contact us directly


For the preparation of the classic product (not pre-cooked) approx. 8 minutes are needed. Put the filled pasta pockets in salted boiling water and cook them slowly until the ravioli float up to the surface. Strain and serve with one of your favorite sauces, or serve in the classic way with butter and sage.

The pre-cooked pasta takes about 4 minutes to reach its beautiful “al dente” point. You could also prepare it directly in a liquid sauce.

ravioli freschi surgelati

Team Koch recommends:

We recommend to try our freshly frozen ravioli together with our new IQF sauces.

For the meat filling, we recommend an amatriciana sauce or a sauce with bacon and mushrooms.

For the cheese-spinach filling, we recommend the sauce with tomatoes and basil or the sauce with olives and capers. In this combination, the whole dish is vegetarian.

To intensify the pasta taste, we recommend the fresh frozen pasta pockets, served classically with sage, butter and parmesan cheese.


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