Kamut pizza dough balls

Pizza dough with kamut

pizza kamut


Khorasan wheat, also called kamut, is one of the oldest cultivated cereals and is a predecessor of durum wheat. Its grains are about twice as large as the wheat grains. From a biological point of view, kamut belongs to the grass family.
Kamut originated in Egypt and the meaning of its name is “soul of the earth” and was identified as a new variety of wheat in 1990.
Kamut is cultivated naturally mainly in North America and Southern Europe, because khorasan wheat is less demanding and less sensitive to diseases and pests than other grain types. The grain also hardly responds to artificial fertilizers. Kamut flour is organic, which is why Koch sells the freshly frozen pizza balls under the Bio brand. Therefore all ingredients of the Kamut pizza balls dough are purely organic.
The balls are offered in different weight sizes.
The long forgotten cereal has a sweet, mild and nutty taste.

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Defrost the fresh frozen pizza dough ball. Roll it out on a floured table. Prepare the topping as desired. Bake at 250 – 300°C for about 10 minutes (only top heat if possible).

pizza kamut

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Different delicious meals, like bread can be prepared with the dough.


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