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The KOCH OHG can prepare you the same delicious and quality gnocchi like italian grandmother used to do.
Gnocchi are a typical Italian dish, which is spread all over the world. They can be found in the freezer in the supermarket as well as in the restaurant, in many different sizes, shapes and colours.

gnocchi freschi surgelati


Potato gnocchi are produced at Koch in different shapes and different recipes. There are potato gnocchi with or without eggs, with spinach, tomatoes and much more.

For more detailed information, please contact us directly


Put the frozen gnocchi in a boiling salted water and cook slowly until they float to the water surface. Strain and serve with sauces or butter and parmesan.

salsa 4 formaggi

Team Koch recommends:

It`s the best to choose a sauce from our IQF sauce collection. Gnocchi are very adaptable with various sauces.
For vegetarians we recommend to serve the fresh frozen potato gnocchi classic with a tomato sauce, four cheese sauce or pesto sauce.
Tip: To refine the gnocchi dish, sprinkle fresh parmesan cheese over the traditional gnocchi.

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