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Egg pasta, classic/IQF

Or lasagne dough.
Freshly produced, pre-cooked and frozen.

pasta uovo


The Egg pasta has been produced by the Koch company since 1982 and is today one of the best-selling product under the red brand name. The lasagne leaves are freshly produced, pre-cooked and then immediately frozen.
The dimensions of a leaf are suitable for the standard casseroles.
The egg dough can be produced with or without an egg. We also offer different sizes for Food Service.

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Defrost the freshly frozen Egg pasta at a room temperature for approx. 1 hour. Since the dough is already pre-cooked, you do not need to cook it again, you can start to prepare lasagne or other dishes immediately.

Team Koch recommends:

We recommend to use the Egg pasta together with the Bolognese sauce from the Koch assortment for the preparation of lasagne.
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