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Chicche means jewelry in German.
With “Chicche” you have a real little potato jewelry on your plate.

chicche di patate


“Chicche” is made of a potato dough and is a delicious alternative to gnocchi. The ingredients of the small gnocchi have not changed, but they are smaller and they have no more traditional stripes as the original potato gnocchi. A big advantage of “Chicche” is the cooking time. In only 2 minutes you can easily conjure up a warm dish!

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Place the frozen chicche in a boiling salted water and cook slowly until they float to the surface. This can take about 2 minutes. Drain and serve with sauces or butter and parmesan cheese.

Chicche di patate

Team Koch recommends:

We recommend combining the freshly cooked “chicche” with a sauce from our production. Since the chicche has a neutral taste, it can be combined with any sauce.
From our range of products, we recommend the sauce with salmon and shrimps, sauce with bacon and mushrooms or for vegetarians a vegetable sauce.
Tip: “Chicche” tastes excellent with fish.


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