Buckwheat Spätzle

Healthy and nutty

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Buckwheat belongs to the knotweed family and is known as a pseudo grain. It is a plant species whose grain fruits are used in a similar way to cereals. The plant is easy to cultivate and can also grow in rather infertile heathland and moorland areas.
Buckwheat was widely cultivated in Central Europe, but was later replaced by potatoes. Buckwheat is finding more and more followers today and it is also used as a beehive plant.
Koch offers a new range of pre-cooked freshly frozen buckwheat spätzle. The buckwheat tempts a nutty, astringent taste, which goes excellently with spicy, hearty sauces.
The freshly frozen spätzle are offered in different packaging sizes.
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For more detailed information, please contact us directly


Put the frozen buckwheat spätzle in a boiling salted water and cook until the product floats upwards (approx. 3 minutes), strain and serve with a sauce of your choice.

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Team Koch recommends:

Serve the buckwheat spätzle together with a gorgonzola sauce and freshly chopped chives. Also ideal as a side dish. Enjoy your meal!


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