Fresh frozen pizza ball made of oat & barley flour

impasto per pizza orzo e avena


Oats belong to the family of sweet grasses. People usually consume them directly as an oatmeal: Oatmeal with milk, oatmeal with yoghurt or oatmeal porridge.
Barley also belongs to the sweet grass family and well known among brewers. Barley is used in the winter season for traditional barley soup in south Tyrol.
At Koch we mixes the oat and barley flour together to create a unique pizza dough.

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Defrost the fresh frozen pizza dough ball. Roll it out on a floured table. Prepare the topping as desired. Bake at 220 – 250°C for approx. 10 minutes (middle rack).

Team Koch recommends:

Have you ever tried to bake breakfast bread using Koch dough? Add a few raisins, honey and a little sugar.

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