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Delicious croissants

from KOCH

simply bake them yourself
for a tasty start to the day!


La storia dell’azienda

Prima i prodotti del territorio, poi tutte le specialità italiane e internazionali, ma sempre “frozen”. Fondata nel 1980 da Peter Gojer, l’azienda bolzanina Koch si è specializzata nella produzione di pasta e prodotti surgelati…



A selection of the latest products that have been launched on the market.

KOCH brand:

Two different cultures meet in South Tyrol and what is unique and diverse about South Tyrollean cuisine is reflected in the KOCH range. You can find not only traditional South Tyrolean dumplings and spinach spatzle
but also typical Italian dishes like potato dumplings and cannelloni. KOCH products are renowned for their rigorous ingredient quality inspection. All in all KOCH stands for high-quality products and our ISO certification
is testimony to care and attention in all processes.